2017 Summertime Blues lineup announcement!

2017 Summertime Blues lineup announcement!

August 24 – 27th ◆ Maffeo Sutton Park

Thursday August 24th

Loaves & Fishes Food Bank fundraiser!

Five regional bands each playing a set and then let the jam begin. The show will be at least twice as long as last year’s show.

All the proceeds from Thursday’s event will be donated to Nanaimo’s Loaves & Fishes Food Bank.  Suggested donation is non-perishable items and/or cash with a minimum value of ten dollars per person.

Last year we collected a whopping 191 Kgs of food and over $1600 in cash.  The Food Bank was very happy with the donation.  Hats off to our fabulous fans for being so generous. Let’s do it again!

Here’s the lineup for the fundraiser, on August 24th (in no particular order, it will be decided that night by drawing slots).

Alexander’s Bluestime Band
Lady V and the Key Krasher
Lazy Mike and the Rockin’ Recliners
Renovation Blues Band
Thor and the Thundercats

When these sets are completed The Queens Shuffle will take over. It will feature even more musicians than last year and they will play for a longer period of time.  This will be lots of fun for everyone!